SNS User Volume in Japan

Photo by Jeremy Bezanger on Unsplash

How many of Japanese people use Social Media? Which one is famous?

Well, first of all, Japan has 125,000,000 population.
About 70% of them use Social Media, which means 87,000,000 people.

That’s a lot! Let’s look at more details separately.

User Volumes (DAU)

LINE : 90,000,000
Twitter : 45,000,000
Instagram : 33,000,000
Facebook : 26,000,000
TikTok : 9,500,000
LinkedIn : 2,000,000

LINE is similar to WhatsApp. People use this for chatting, most common service. People who have smartphone must use LINE. LINE is also used for business advertising as it has many users. Also companies can make official account, and they can send message for their followers all at once.

Every social media has its uniqueness in their users, so for marketing, companies need to develop specific strategies separately as understanding its features as well.

The more we have choices, the more opportunities come.

If you are thinking about getting Japanese customers lightly, please no hesitate to ask us!

Business Manager : Yuta Kurihara



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